Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wonder horses

Oh good grief:
Leading figures from the Higher Education, Business and Education sectors were yesterday announced by the Department of Education & Skills as Diploma Champions for the new Diplomas and wider 14 -19 Reform Programme.
Do they get a shiny gold badge, or a Special Hat, perhaps?

Rather than indulging a penchant for puerile language, it would be more to the point if the government had listened to educationalists and found the courage to implement the Tomlinson Report two years ago, rather than worrying about middle England's perceived attachment to the 'gold standard' of GCSEs and A Levels (and as one of ARCH's younger members said at the time: 'wasn't the gold standard abandoned because it was inflexible?')

Tomlinson proposed one single diploma that eliminated the divide between academic and vocational qualifications, and allowed young people to select the elements that actually interested them. Physics, french and plumbing? Why ever not?

Instead, though, we are to have a series of 16 single-subject diplomas. It seems that fears that the government might 'cherry-pick' the Tomlinson Report, expressed by Barry Sheerman, Chair of the Education and Skills Select Committee, have been realised.


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