Monday, December 18, 2006

Those DNA figures

I'd guess that everyone knows by now that the police take DNA samples on arrest, and these are kept on the National DNA Database regardless of whether a suspect turns out to be purer than the driven snow.

Spyblog has more on yesterday's Sunday Times report that more than a third of those on NDNAD don't have a criminal record or caution - that's 1.2 million, and a lot more than the government has previously admitted. The new figures have been gleaned from a series of written answers to parliamentary questions that have appeared over the past week or so.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting on the questions tabled by Grant Shapps a month ago on the number of children on NDNAD who have never been charged or were acquitted: so far, Grant Shapps has yet to receive an answer.

The Home Office's silence is making us increasingly suspicious that the figure of 25,000 bandied around for children who are entirely innocent will prove to be a great deal higher - if we ever get an answer, that is.


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