Sunday, November 12, 2006

The uncomprehending in search of the intangible

I've just been reading an interesting report, Nurturing Creativity in Young People, which gets it absolutely right in its admonitions that the creative process is not top-down, that process and risk-taking are as important as product, and that creativity can't always be measured or produced to order.

So far, so good. But then I get
The Government published its response to Paul Roberts' report - Nurturing Creativity in Young People. One of the immediate actions the Government is taking is to setting up a new Creative and Cultural Education Advisory Board. This board, jointly sponsored by DCMS and DfES, will have representatives from all the major stakeholders working in this area. It will have the responsibility for implementing the actions agreed as part of the Government's response to the Roberts report and building a more coherent creative and cultural offer for all young people.
And when I read the DfES' press release, a nervous tic develops:
The Creative Economy Programme, launched in November 2005 has identified education and skills as one of the main drivers to the productivity and growth of the creative economy.
Please, no! Not a 'creativity hour'...


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