Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not for the likes of you, sunshine

On the Guardian site, a fascinating audio/slide show of what happened when four teenagers attempted to go to the Lowry Centre in Salford. Needless to say, they didn't get past first base.

I wish I could say such discrimination is unusual, but I've seen it at first hand. A couple of years ago, I saw four lively, noisy but perfectly pleasant young people turned away at the door of the William Morris Museum in Walthamstow with the words: "There's nothing for you here". I got short shrift from the staff when I asked why. On another occasion, when we visited Hackney's Geffrye Museum with a small party of children - one of whom has partial hearing and tends to shout - we were sternly rebuked by the unwelcoming person on the desk with: "We only like nice, quiet children in here". Another one off the list!

It seems that 'open to the public' is a rather conditional term.


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