Thursday, November 23, 2006

The curmudgeonry prize

Looks as if someone needs to get out a bit more:
Two high court judges were asked to decide "what is football?" after neighbours fell out over a kick-about in an exclusive, residents-only garden. Christopher Fleming-Brown, 46, from Kensington, west London, was taken to court by Paula Lawton, 63, after playing ball with his son, aged five. She accused him of turning the lawn garden into a recreation ground and breaching local by-laws.
Even more extraordinary is the fact that Ms Lawton has spent two years pursuing the case!


At Friday, November 24, 2006 6:47:00 AM, Blogger Carlotta said...

Quite extraordinary.

At Saturday, November 25, 2006 3:19:00 PM, Blogger ems said...

I can't stop thinking about this case - it's astounding. For some reason I want to know what she looks like. Such a waste of time and the taxpayer's money.

At Saturday, November 25, 2006 3:44:00 PM, Blogger archrights said...

I've heard a lot of mind-boggling stories from children about the lengths to which some people will go to stop them playing, but this one beats them all for sheer persistence!


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