Friday, October 27, 2006

Opting out of rational thought

Health Minister, Lord Warner, has just been giving details of the NHS Care Records Service. It will be an opt-out system:

"Patients will be informed in advance about new ways in which their information will be held and shared and they will be told they have the right to dissent - or "opt out" - of having information shared.

"If patients do not "opt out" they will be deemed to have given implied consent to the sharing of their information, under strict controls between those legitimately treating them."

It remains to be seen whether children can opt out of having their medical information shared.

In a familiar display of government hubris, Lord Warner said:
"...I do not support the call by 23 academics to the House of Commons Health Select Committee to commission a review of NPfITs technical architecture. I want the programme's management and suppliers to concentrate on implementation, and not be diverted by attending to another review."
Take a look at the academics and ask yourself: "If I wanted to buy a secure information system, whose advice would I take? (a) the Chair of Security Engineering at Cambridge or (b) the guy flogging it to me?"

Hmm... tricky.


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