Friday, October 13, 2006

Money talks louder than children

The Children's Rights Director, responsible for looked-after children, has been having a good go about the frequent changes of placement that fostered children endure - something we've mentioned before. Roger Morgan points out that the reasons for moving children back from placement in a different local authority area often have little to do with a child's best interests:

Children’s Rights Director, Roger Morgan, said that children complaining about being brought back from successful placements for financial or policy reasons was the “biggest source of the commission’s casework”.

He said that children were being told that their out of authority placements were being terminated because the local authority was “short of money or had had a change of policy”.

“Neither of these are valid reasons for pulling a child back from a placement,” Morgan said. “The only valid reason is if the placement is not working out. Frighteningly, nine out of 10 of those cases get changed after they receive our letter. But what about the children who don’t write?”


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