Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh, don't be so silly

Thanks to Ian for sending over this from the Guardian:
Despite the problems, data sharing might sometimes be justified, but only after a careful and specific weighing of the pros and cons. Instead the government sweepingly proposes sharing wherever it may "fight crime" or otherwise be "in the public interest". Until this cavalier tone changes, citizens will be right to resist any radical redrawing of the boundaries.
As if to demonstrate the point about cavalier attitudes, here's the Government's Chief Information Officer, John Suffolk, talking at a Silicon forum:

Addressing fears about personal data being shared, he said: "Look at the situation in the private sector. You can't get credit unless you agree to your data being shared."

Suffolk added that the UK is too quick to criticise government IT projects. "It's a British cultural thing to only look at what's gone wrong," he said.

Quite apart from the fact that we all have a choice when it comes to applying for credit, see our blog about IT projects that haven't gone wrong.


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