Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Information-sharing for all

We get the feeling that the Government has decided the only way it can get the whole 'transformational government' agenda through is to pick up the ball and run like hell:

Much more information about both individuals and business will be shared across the public sector, the government will announce today.

The proposals would, for example, allow people to tell government once when they move house, allowing local authority, tax, driving licence and other records to be updated automatically.

Ministers are to publish a "vision statement" saying that more information will routinely be shared across departments "to expand opportunities for the most disadvantaged, fight crime and provide better public services" and in other instances "where it is in the public interest".

Existing safeguards on the sharing of medical, taxpayer and criminal records will be maintained. But the government will argue that within the existing law, much more information could be shared than is routinely the case.

Here at ARCH, we're having another of our Cassandra moments


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