Friday, September 01, 2006

Child victims

Apologies for our silence at the moment. As you might imagine, the press eruption over children's databases has put us under a good deal of pressure. Tonight's "30Minutes" on Channel 4 at 7.35 will explain something of what's going on, if you're not already familiar with it.

One thought-provoking piece in the Guardian today about public fascination with images of children who are the victims of tragedy:
Bizarrely, there is often an effort to further infantilise these near-infants. Press reports changed James Bulger's name to Jamie, presumably because it sounded cuddlier and more vulnerable than what his family actually called him, while there are newspapers and newsreaders who routinely tag murdered juveniles "little Mary" or "little Stephen".
It's understandable that people are especially disturbed by the murder of children, but it's worth considering that by sentimentalising their vulnerability, we inadvertently collude in prolonging children's status as passive victims.


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