Saturday, August 26, 2006

'Failed by the System'

A new report from Barnardos, ‘Failed by the System’, puts flesh on the bones of something we have known for a long time: looked-after children have the odds stacked against them. According to egov monitor, the report:

…throws light on a chaotic and disruptive world of targeted school bullying; multiple care homes and foster care placements; of children changing schools over and over again; of them being excluded from schools; and of them frequently experiencing insufficient support from schools or carers.

The report also compares the levels of support currently enjoyed by most GCSE year children from their parents, with those experienced by young people in care, and highlights the very low expectations by some teachers of children who are in care.

The BBC extracts some figures from the report:
  • More than half reported being bullied at school as a direct result of being in care.
  • Four out of 10 said no-one had attended their school parents' evenings.
  • Nearly half said no-one went to sports days or other school events.
  • The number of care placements young people had lived in varied between one and 30 - half had been in more than four placements.
  • More than half were not currently in employment, training or education.
  • Almost half the group had attended six or more schools and 11% had attended more than 10.

Surely we can do better than this?


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