Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Binbagging - help!

OK, we’ve mentioned it before but please, if you haven’t done anything yet, it really will only take a few minutes. Honest.

It’s those
black plastic suitcase substitutes again. Some local authorities don’t provide children in care with luggage. Instead, when children move placements, their possessions are unceremoniously dumped into black binbags for transport to their new address. A campaign to stop this humiliating practice has been going for some time, but:
Local authorities are still using bin bags to transport the possessions of children in care, despite a widespread belief that the practice has died out…70 councils have yet to sign the "no bin bag" charter drawn up by the charity A National Voice.
One 13-year-old in foster care told Roger Morgan, children's rights director at the Commission for Social Care Inspection, "It makes me feel unwanted". How sad is that?

Right, sleeves-up time: go to
‘this is not a suitcase’ and scroll down to the list of local authorities. Is your LA on it?

If not, go
here to find the address of your local authority, and write to the Director of Children’s Services. Send the URL for ‘this is not a suitcase’ and ask why your LA isn’t on it.

If you want to get really active, go to your LA’s website and find contact details for all of your local councillors, and for the children’s representatives in the council’s cabinet and on the scrutiny committee. Send them your email/letter as well.

If you still don’t get any joy, contact your local paper and give them copies of the pathetically inadequate explanations you’ve
received. Express total disgust.

Forward these instructions to as many people as you can.

All it needs is for one or two people in each of the slacker local authorities to cause a stir, and we’re willing to bet that suitcases start appearing like daffodils in spring.


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