Monday, July 17, 2006

Stamp out binbagging (2)

An update on the binbagging situation that we've mentioned before: 90 local authorities have now signed up to the ‘no binbagging’ charter, so that leaves 60 laggards.

Please, if your local authority is continuing to pretend that binbags are an adequate substitute for a suitcase to carry looked-after children's possessions when they move between placements, go shout at them. Put something on your blog so that others find out about it. Binbagging may seem a small matter, but it gives a very distressing message to a looked-after child and, quite honestly, we're astonished that any local authority can be so insensitive.

We recommend a look around the (very nice) website of A National Voice, the charity organising the binbagging campaign. In their own words:
A National Voice remains the only national organisation run by and for young people from Care – we exist to make positive changes to the Care system in England for 60,000 children currently looked-after.


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