Monday, July 10, 2006

IT Apoplexy

During the last four weeks alone, we’ve had news of the IT fiascos that are the CSA and the Libra courts systems, learned that ID Cards are heading for the rocks, the NHS debacle continues, and that there are even problems with vaccination records.

When Tony Blair was asked whether he could: “tell the House of any major government IT project that has been delivered on budget or on time, or which works?” the best he could think of was the Passport Office – which Channel 4’s
FactCheck describe as: “an odd example of success for Blair to choose”.

This is the same government that is proposing to build an
information-sharing database containing the details of every child in England, and a second, parallel database that holds their entire social care record.

How is it remotely acceptable that, having failed time and again, the government is now allowed to indulge its ‘modern’ fantasy of being down there with the IT crowd, at the expense of the most vulnerable members of society?


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