Monday, July 03, 2006

Children's rights and 'childism'

Excellent comment today from Libby Brooks:
To suggest that there is such a thing as "childism" is to risk ridicule. The notion of children's rights is inevitably greeted with hostility in a political climate where young people are most often maligned for their lack of respect for the rights of others. But lately, as the government's authoritarian stance on childhood proves unworkable and, in some cases, fatal, while public opinion shifts significantly on the treatment of children within the home, there is a change in the mood music. Could children's rights finally be coming of age?
Well, we can only hope so. Perhaps one day, future generations will regard our easy disparagement of children in the same way as we now view sexism and racism: a defensive strategy to bolster fragile self-definition, and a shocking waste of the talents and energy of a large chunk of our society.


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