Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another jigsaw piece for you

John Clare has given a neat summary of the Common Assessment Framework in his column:
Any child up to the age of 19 who is thought by someone in the public, private or voluntary sectors not to be meeting Government targets in respect of education, health or "lifestyle" is liable to find himself/herself the subject of a "common assessment".

The computerised form, which may be filled in by anyone working with children, young people and families ("You do not have to be an expert"), asks more than 150 questions covering such matters as educational achievement, behaviour in class, access to books, quality of parenting, diet, obesity, sexual activity, excessive use of expletives, personal and dental hygiene, the interior and exterior of the home, how the family's income is used - and so on, and on.
So how does this fit in with the Children's Index?
Access to the information will be available via the index to every official agency (on) more than four million individuals.
[NB there's a misprint in the online version. It says 'and' where we've replaced it with 'on'. The Government reckons that around 4 million children need 'additional services' and will therefore require a common assessment]

There's a lot more about the Common Assessment Framework over on our other blog (database masterclass)


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