Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thin gruel and dry bread

It’s official – education is meant to be drudgery. The head of OFSTED says:
"We need to reinforce the message that school is a 'place of work' preparing youngsters for the world of work, where a work ethic is required - not a house of fun to meet youngsters' social needs."
How very sad: given that children are hard-wired to learn, do we really need to make education such a joyless, serious business? Perhaps it gives some clue, though, as to why the UK education system is so successful in taking thousands of curious 5-year-olds every year, and turning a sizeable proportion into apathetic young people who are completely switched-off.

We can’t resist remarking that one of the main arguments used against home education is that children won’t be ‘socialised’. Well, hats off to those who prefer that their children don’t learn that life has to be a bowl of cold porridge.


At Monday, May 22, 2006 10:12:00 AM, Blogger Ray said...

Couldn't agree more. Education, in spite of the current government's obsessions, is absolutely not just about training a future workforce. It's about developing each and every individual child's potential. You only have to observe the average four year old's sense of awe and delight in every aspect of the world around them to see that if the education system could tap into even a minute fraction of that potential we could transform the entire country for the better within the space of a single generation.


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