Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Random drug-testing

News is just out that Kent is to extend random drug-testing to pupils in all secondary schools in Kent 'following the success of a pilot scheme in the county'. Apparently:

A pilot scheme at Abbey School, in Faversham, saw pupils randomly selected and tested by taking mouth swabs.

The school said it was one factor which led to record GCSE results in 2005. Five good GCSE passes were achieved by 40% of pupils, compared with 26% in 2004 and 32% the year before.
But hang on a minute, according to the NHS the number of secondary school pupils using drugs during the past year has fallen by nearly a half:
A statistical bulletin produced by The Information Centre for health and social care found 11 per cent of more than 9,000 pupils in 305 secondary schools used drugs in 2005 compared with 19 per cent the previous year.
We wonder if that was one of the other factors?


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