Monday, May 01, 2006

Community hubs and all that

Yet another small village school threatened with closure, and apparently:
Carmarthenshire Council has a 10-year programme aimed at reducing surplus places and improving school buildings that could see up to 32 schools closed and replaced with new area "super schools". Other Welsh councils are also reviewing schools in the wake of spare places.
Something doesn’t quite add up here. I though the grand plan was to have schools at the centre of each community, not to mention giving ‘power’ back to communities. If that’s true, it would surely be more in keeping with government policy to keep community schools open. If the buildings are too large to make that economically viable, then sell them and buy a local house instead, rather than bussing children to an anonymous education factory miles from home.

Of course, we may have got it all wrong. It’s just possible that the whole ‘community hub’ thing is itself all about saving money…nah, that can’t be right.


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