Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Antisocial Woodcraft Folk

See if you can spot any possible connection between the entry below, and this story:
The Woodcraft Folk is in danger of losing all rights to camp at its largest site, after the local council applied for restrictions on activities there last week. The move by Chichester District Council is the latest stage in a long-running dispute over a site near Lurgashall, West Sussex.

After residents complained about the disruption caused by young people, the Woodcraft Folk's certificate allowing it to run long-term camps on any of its sites was revoked.

The council has now applied to ban short-term camps on the site. If approved by the secretary of state at the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Woodcraft Folk would have to apply for planning permission for each camp.
The Woodcraft Folk antisocial? Oh good grief.


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