Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another good idea

We’re a bit puzzled by a story on the BBC site. Apparently:
"Pupils on trips are to wear tags displaying a school ID and phone number through which their teachers can be identified and contacted automatically. Anyone who finds a lost pupil or sees one misbehaving can phone the number and input the school's ID on the tag."
It's the 'misbehaving' part of it we can't work out. How will anyone read the wristband from a distance - how big is it going to be, for heaven's sake? Should a shocked passer-by walk up to a 'misbehaving' child and say "show me your wristband!" or what? Do they ask the child to wait while they find pencil and paper? Actually, we reckon the BBC just put the misbehaviour bit in as a crowd-pleaser.


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