Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tough on rights, tough on the causes of rights

The annual wind-up that is the National Association of Head Teachers conference has just harrumphed to a halt. This year it was the new OFSTED practice of giving pupils copies of inspection reports that came under fire:
The practice of sending letters to pupils describing the findings of the education watchdog Ofsted also came in for condemnation. These were "patronising, condescending and supercilious", the NAHT said.

The letters gave children a "licence for bad behaviour", the conference in Harrogate heard...Liz Paver, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, said she was "horrified" at the letters and prepared to strike in protest against them.

The NAHT has in the past suggested that giving power to parents is like putting an alcoholic in charge of a bar, and that heads should have the right to exclude children for their parents’ ‘misbehaviour’.

Before choosing a school, it might be worth checking the professional affiliations of the head teacher – and if you’re thrown out of the office just for asking, there’s your answer.


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