Tuesday, April 18, 2006

'Oyster card may help fight school truancy'

Good grief, another mind-boggling idea for tracking children, using one of the current moral panics to sell it. I suppose we could try creating an education system that children actually want to use. Just an idea.

‘Teachers have backed new technology which could see parents being sent a text once their children have arrived at school through a smart ticketing system.

‘New technology meant for the transport system is designed to read commuters' tickets so they can use a form of Oyster on the train network as well as the Tube.

‘Once this is in place it could be possible to link it up to Oyster-style machines at schools which, when touched, would send an automatic message to parents' mobile phones, improving both attendance and peace of mind.’

Actually, if you read the whole article, the implications are pretty, um, astonishing for everyone.


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