Sunday, April 16, 2006

It's a start

All sorts of things crop up to do with children and young people that deserve comment, but aren’t necessarily ‘issues’ that we’re working on in ARCH, so this blog is a space to write it all down. (Constructive comment is welcome, hate-speech isn’t – there’s quite enough of that around, and we’ve probably heard it already. It gets rather tedious).

Why is it OK to discriminate against a fifth of the population? And why do newspapers publish sweeping, anti-child generalisations as if they’re fair comment? Take
this for example. Now imagine it’s about the loathsomeness of women, or disabled people, or black people, and substitute a few insulting words that correspond to ‘brats’. Would anyone publish that?

In the village of
Firhall, children are actually banned! Just too, too noisy and they do so mess up the lawns. Well, I guess it’s no worse than all-male clubs, or Cape Town circa 1970. Here's an idea, though: maybe everyone who wants a child-free life should be given a badge, or a cute little tattoo, so we can all respect their wishes by keeping children well away from them. I’m sure that in 20 years or so they’ll understand if it’s just a wee bit tricky to find doctors, plumbers, car mechanics, lawyers, home-helps….Only joking.

We live in a hierarchical world in which we defend ourselves from our
eternal infancy and childhood by insisting on a graded, necessary elevation
through learning and technological sophistication out of the child into the
adult. This is not a true initiation that values both the previous form of
existence and the newly attained one; it is a defence against the humiliating
reality of the child. Thomas Moore – ‘Care of the Soul’


At Tuesday, April 18, 2006 6:35:00 AM, Blogger Carlotta said...

Good to see Arch have this space. Will be a regular reader and am linking already.


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