Thursday, April 27, 2006

'Higher Targets for five-year-olds'

How long before we have national targets for Apgar scores? And the latest target is... '30,000 children must be "reaching a good level of development" every year'.

Acknowledging the controversy caused by previous proposals, the education secretary said she was "acutely aware that parents don't want their toddlers sitting exams or undergoing any form of assessment". Ms Kelly said she did not want such a situation either, adding that it "will not happen".

She said: "Instead teachers and childcare professionals simply observe children -looking, for example, for enthusiasm for learning and good communication skills."

"Will not happen"- ah, so that's OK then. A couple of years ago, early-years teachers were none too happy about being told to make assessments of under-5s, but were reassured that such assessments were 'informal'. Maybe 'informal' has a nu-meaning? From the QCA practitioner guidance:
Foundation stage schools and settings must send to the LEA the thirteen Foundation Stage Profile summary scores for each child who will reach the end of the foundation stage in that school or setting in the summer of 2005, together with child identification data, ie forename, surname, UPN, gender, date of birth and home postcode.


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